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I had my ultrasound yesterday..

So yesterday I was 7 weeks exactly. Last week a week ago from yesterday, I went to the ER concerned that I had a cyst. and I do, I have one on each ovary.

well -- yesterday they couldn't see cysts anymore and the baby had a heartbeat of 130. A week ago the ER doctor said it was about 130 and yesterday it was 130 exactly.

Is this good? Baby grew so that's good right? Last time I was pregnant I lost it before I could even see a heartbeat so this is just a shock to me. I didn't think I would see a heartbeat and I can't imagine being a mom. They said baby was in right place and everything looks normal.

So, like I said, is it bad that the heartbeat didnt change over a week really? I over worry and will until and even after the baby is here. But I don't know how to be positive and keep looking forward. Thanks!

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Thats fine! Congrats!!!

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Congratulations xx

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No, that sounds like a perfectly normal heartbeat for 7 weeks. I had a scare around then too and went to emergency. My babies heartbeat was 128 bpm. I wouldn't worry about it being the same as a week prior. Besides, it is very likely fluctuating a lot, it just happened to be the same each time they checked.

Congrats on the great news!

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No reason baby's heartbeat should've gone up! As long as it's within the normal range (which it is).

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As the others have said, baby's heartbeat is within normal range, so all's well. Congratulations!

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Congrats and keep us posted!

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