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Help me figure out what I'm looking at

Hi everyone!

I had my first ultrasound Monday where we saw a healthy baby and heartbeat I was 7+5. The ultrasound went pretty quickly and it was hard to follow what we were looking at sometimes. My husband had been convinced there's two babies in there, but the ultrasound tech only saw one. However, I was looking at the picture they have us and something seems suspicious to me...

The purple circle i made on the picture is from our little nugget. I don't remember what the tech said it was for sure. But now looking at the picture, there seems to be another oboe right next to that (the blue circle I made). What is that? Is it possible it's from another baby that's hiding behind or next to the very obvious baby?

What do you all think? Have I just lost my mind? I stretched the original picture too so it's easy to see without all my drawing

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I think it's the yolk sac beside the baby your sewing then still have it at this early stage

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To be honest I'm not 100% on what I'm looking at either, I know early scans can be like that. I have a 9 week scan of the baby I'm pregnant with now where she just looks exactly like a huge cartoon penis...
If that's baby in the purple circle, what's next to it could easily be yolk sac, however I don't know what all that is underneath. But I would say that the tech would've noticed if there were two babies. Remember that they were looking at an image they kept moving so it wasn't this unclear snapshot we're seeing now. Think it would be very unusual for a trained technician to miss twins at nearly 8 weeks. When is your next scan so you can find out for sure?

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