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HCG levels early pregnancy

Hi all! I'm newly pregnant, due in June 2018 which would make me 3 weeks 5 days today. I had my HCG quantity test yesterday and it came back at 59. My doctor was worried and wanted me to come back for another test next week.

The top test is from Wednesday, bottom is from this morning. Good progression?

Is 59 considered low or normal? Need some reassurance!! Thanks ladies!

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Cara x
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Progression definitely looks great! I'm not sure what's considered normal hun, all the info I can find online seems to suggest it can be a very wide range.

I had my bloods done on Wednesday (going by LMP I would be exactly 4wks but I think it would actually be nearer 4+2) and they were 292. I asked the midwife if that was normal and she said there's no normal, they usually retest in 2 days to see if it's doubled, and that's how they know if everything is normal. Your doctor is probably looking for that prgoression, although I think it's more standard to do the tests 48hrs apart x

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That number seems's the doubling that matters. Your number should be doubling every 48-72 hrs in early pregnancy. Remember your hcg number has to start somewhere!

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Here's ranges of hcg by dpo seems like you're doing great so far!

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Progression looks great. For hcg you need another test to see the increase, your doctor shouldn't be worrying you over a single result as it tells you next to nothing!

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Mine for 13dpo which is the same as you was 64 and my friends was 62.

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My hCG at 12dpo was 66; as the other ladies said, it's the doubling that matters. Perhaps you can ask for another blood test in a couple of days instead of a week?

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My hcg at 13 dpo (one day shy of 4 weeks) was 46. 15 dpo 149. 17 dpo 331...I'm currently 35 weeks.

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With my 8 yr old mine was 28 at 13dpo. It actually hadnt doubled from 11dpo either (20)
I think your levels sound fine!

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