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What to eat during first trimester...

Hi!! I am 11, almost 12 weeks pregnant and I am not liking meat at all! The only type of meat I can stomach is sometimes hamburger or steak which I know I shouldn't eat anyways. I have never been a sweets person, but all of a sudden I cannot get enough! I just checked the scale and I am already up 4 pounds which I hate because I was a little over weight to begin with for my height. Does anyone have any good ideas of things I can eat for protein besides meat? I am really not a huge peanut butter fan! I need something besides carbs and sweets to eat that's healthy, but I can stomach!!! What do you all do? Is 4 pounds a lot to gain during the first trimester?

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Hey dear, high protein plants include wholegrains, all sorts of beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, peanuts, tofu; if you eat eggs, egg whites are great too! I know that in pregnancy we are supposed to get a bit more protein, but don't worry, I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and vegan for almost 3 years now, physically pretty active and never had a protein problem. Even eating wholewheat bread or brown rice can give you some amount of protein, so really don't worry, I believe you will be fine with having little to no meat if you can't stomach it for now. Good luck!

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Yoghurt or even just milk is good for protein too to add to pp's list!

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I have found that listening to your body is the best way on the whole. Steak isn't too bad. I really wanted burger or the like the other day (presume I need the iron) so I made burger out of 5% fat steak mince. You could always do meatballs too

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Greek yoghurt is high in protein. Can mix it with some honey if you're liking sweet things just now. I quite often have overnight oats for lunch (pre-pregnancy too). Mix the oats with some greek yoghurt, a Muller light, raisins and some berries and leave in the fridge overnight x

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I really wouldn't stress about what you eat at this stage. It's only a few weeks and that weight you've gained is likely water retention. I would say I was up probably 5 lbs in 1st tri. I'm 21 weeks now and have still only gained 5 lbs. I was similar with my first and only gained 16 lbs by the time she was born. You'll lose the water retention and put on a bit of weight later, so it will balance itself out.

Protein can be tricky as lots of people go off meat. I did. I tend to eat a fairly high protein, paleo style diet normally, but just couldn't do it. I just ate what I wanted. Why not eat steak or burger? It's a great source of iron, which you need right now. Just eat quality beef, not McDonald's and have it with plenty of veg. But things like cottage cheese and greek yogurt (get the full fat ones), nuts, eggs (but I went off eggs too), full fat milk and cream, lentils, beans, etc. are all good sources of protein. But really for now, eat what you want. With my first I mostly survived on fruit, bagels with butter and milk for about 2 months and that was fine.

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