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8 weeks tomorrow and just not feeling pregnant

So last week I was 7 weeks with babys heartbeat being 130 bpm. I wake up and just don't feel pregnant though. I don't have nausea and my mom did with me when she was pregnant. I feel tired, and when I sneeze it hurts on one side near my ovaries from time to time and its like a painful stretching lol. My nipples are sore to the touch and i'm craving sweets more than normal but that's about it.

Is this normal? Should I be experiencing more symptoms? I'm worried that there's no heartbeat anymore but I never really had nausea to begin with so it's not like they're disappearing. I don't know what to think. I've seen the heartbeat twice but of course i'm still scared. I also CAN NOT imagine holding a baby in May, it's like I think it'll never happen.

I think it's from my miscarriage in February, but I never saw the heartbeat with that one. Help?! How do I calm down?

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Im 8+5 tomorrow and haven't had a scan yet, so im very anxious.

No symptoms don't always mean bad news. I had twins 7 years ago (lost at 24 weeks), and I didn't have one single symptom, no nausea, tiredness, cravings. So you can imagine my shock at my 12 week scan when they said its two!!

Also, if you have already seen the HB, the chances of a miscarriage go down dramatically.

I am suffering really bad with nausea and tiredness this time round. I cant remember the last time I had a meal when I got home from work, I just cant stomach food. Im not actually being sick, but the sick feeling is just awful.

Im sure everything is just fine xx

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This is my second majorly symptom-less pregnancy. I had 2 weeks of subtle nausea (barely there) between 8-10 weeks. That was it. Honestly, I still donít feel pregnant now!

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DD1 if I didn't have a bump I wouldn't have known I was pregnant until around 8 months when heartburn kicked in.
DD2 had every pregnancy symptom under the sun lol .

I think your previous loss is obviously making you feel anxious which is normal. Just take it day by day. Like PP said no symptoms doesn't mean bad news .. just a well behaved little one! X hope you feel more relaxed soon x

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I am so sorry that you are going through this! I can understand you having fears.
Prayer always helps me have peace and calm. I would like to say a prayer for you on here if that's okay?

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