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When and how did/will you announce?

Sorry if this has been asked 500 times!

So I got my bfp last week and told hubby straight away, he is super excited and wanted to tell everyone immediately. We already have a 5year old who wasn't planned (we were young and in uni so wasn't so much of an announcement!) anyway, I'm about 5 weeks and want to wait til 8weeks so less risk of anything going wrong. I quite like that is out little secret for now. I also want our daughter to be first to know and was thinking of getting her to do a little vid saying she's been promoted. However, not sure we can keep it quiet for much longer!

What did you do/what do you plan to do and when???

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Congratulations on BFP

I got mine last week. I have a 6 year old boy. I told my partner straight away but we will announce it to friends and family via phone calls after the scan and when we've told all the important people we will post it on Facebook 😁

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I have ordered two balloons in a little box and it comes with a pin, heart shaped confetti and a scroll with a message about baby #3. You put the scroll and confetti in the balloon and blow it up for the person to pop!

I told my family with my daughter at 5 weeks, I’m doing the same this time because I literally can’t keep it from them

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We told immediate family straight away but will wait to make a general announcement until around 16 weeks or until I can't hide it any longer which going by the rate I'm growing won't be too much longer. We have our dating scan tomorrow so we will see how that goes

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With my DS, who is now 5, we announced around 13/14 weeks. With this one, I am thinking we will announce after my 12 week NT scan if all goes well there.

I'm 10 weeks now and told most of my good friends and my parents and in-laws at our 8 week dating scan.

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We told my parents one night when they were over for dinner. We got out oldest to tell my in laws by saying there's a baby in mummy's tummy. And I texted my sisters my pregnancy test. We don't announce on social media but I have commented on a few things so if anyone's stalking me they'll know lol. We were 4-5 weeks when we told our family. We've miscarried in "secret" before and it actually really sucks telling people you lost a baby after the fact. If they know you're pregnant beforehand it's easier, and they got to experience the joy of the pregnancy while it lasted.

I also get absolutely sick as a dog -- like bedridden, so there's no way of hiding a pregnancy past 6 weeks for me.

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Told sister right away and mom around 7 weeks. Everyone else in family between 24 and 26 weeks, no big announcement just whenever I saw them. I actually loved having the secret. A few friends from high school who I get together with for lunch about 3 times a year found out after the baby was born.

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Told my DH right away. Told my sister a few days later because we went and stayed with her on a holiday. Then we told our parents & DH's siblings a few days after we returned home from our holiday.

I will probably do a Christmas Eve announcement on FB if all goes according to plan I will have had my 12w scan by then.

Our DD just turned 2 and our DS is only 14 months. They won't quite understand, but will start telling them there is a baby coming after our 12w scan. I have a book in mind I want to get them for Christmas about getting a new baby brother or sister.

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I did an IVF, so DH, my sisters and mom knew immediately.
As for friends, in-laws & coworkers, it was around 8 weeks.
It was really hard to keep it a secret as we have been LTTTC for quite some time, and all I wanted to do was shout it from the rooftops.
We had our 11/12 week anatomy scan yesterday, and all seems ok at this point, so probably will tell more people when we see them. Plus, I look very pregnant, so hiding is getting harder

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Congrats! I know how it feels to be expecting a surprise baby. I currently have one on board. My hubby is always the first to know, usually my parents are told second, although I think I'm going to wait to tell them until after our first ultrasound since I do have a history of losses. I probably won't announce it on Facebook to everyone else until baby is here.

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