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Originally Posted by ToriTami View Post
I told my boss at 4 weeks. I'm only 5 weeks now, but I'm sure my coworkers are suspecting something since I'm not drinking at dinner. If they ask I'll be truthful.
I feel like that in the mornings, i drink so much coffee its ridiculous but now i am not drinking it i can tell they are thinking whats up.

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My last pregnancy I was so ill I told my manager at 6w. I asked her not to share with the team but I was so sick, taking off time, I felt they needed to know (she suspected). We ended up miscarrying, so it was actually a blessing I had told them so early as they were so kind/caring (they sent flowers!!) and gave me the time off I needed to heal.

This pregnancy I will probably do the same, around 6-7w, depending how I'm feeling. I'll tell my manager, at least. For the remainder of the team and the office I'll probably wait until just before Christmas, as I plan to do an announcement on FB around then and I don't want my colleagues to find out that way.

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I have a job Interview and I will
Be 9 weeks. Good thing I have some extra fat to disguise the baby 😂

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lou belle
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Just told my manager, I'm 13 wks. I kind had to say it now as she's sorting our night duty and holidays for the year at the moment. I will keep it quiet from my colleagues for another 2 or 3 weeks if I can. We only told immediate family and 2 very close friends so far so I haven't really announced, work colleagues will be the last to know.

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