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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Surprise pregnancy discovery

After a chemical pregnancy back in July, my relationship ended and I completely gave up ttc at all.
I've randomly discovered today - after wondering where AF is, that I am pregnant. Did 5 tests to be sure and all strong lines.
I'm not entirely sure how to feel at the moment - shocked, mainly.
Need to somehow work out how to tell people. Yikes, anyone else caught out by surprise? I think I'm about 8 weeks gone.

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Congrats z

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Congrats and yes! I wasn't trying and thought I couldn't get pregnant (due to age and previous infertility problems). My period was late but I felt like it was coming on at any time so I kept wearing tampons to work. When the nausea set in I decided to test. I bought the cheapie Walmart brand and it turned positive right away. I thought it was probably defective so I drove back to Walmart to get a first response. Took it and test line was much darken than control so thought it must be defective, took the other one same thing. Went back to Walmart and bought a digital and that's when I finally believed it. Good luck and congrats again!!

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Congrats! I've just found out I am expecting surprise baby #5 after a condom broke back in October. I was shocked to get my bfp today because for one thing I thought I was too late in my cycle to ovulate and for another we only dtd once. So completely unexpected to be here again, especially as I just had a baby a little more than 2 months ago

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Congrats! What a rollercoaster you have been on!

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Congrats! I had a surprise BFP as well. Hubby and I were NTNP but had been for years, so I assumed it would never happen again. I felt terribly tired and crampy and thought AF was coming so I tested as that usually brings on AF.....and OMG the test line was already darker than the control!! When I had my first scan/OB I was already over 8 weeks....but I had known for a few weeks by then. Still, it was nice to skip the TWW!!!

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