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Probably a silly question...

...or one that has been asked 100 times already but are you allowed to take baths during the first trimester? I've always taken baths rather than showers but a friend of mine recently told me that her doctor told her not to take baths until you're at least 6 weeks, something about the fetus being really vulnerable during that time and even being in warm water for 10 minutes could harm it. Is this true? Should I just be safe to take showers throughout my pregnancy?

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I took baths with my son and take them all the time with this one too. As long as the water isn't hot its ok. Guidelines say to not go above 98.6 with the water temperature but to be honest for some reason this pregnancy makes me run hotter than normal (I have always been hot) so I like lukewarm and tepid baths.

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Well I take SUPER hot baths when not pregnant and I didn't know I was pregnant until over 5 weeks so.....I guess there's nothing I can do about that now.....but I have heard similar advice.

I've researched the heck out of this as daily bubble baths are my thing. Most important thing is for your body temperature to stay under 102 F....and not to soak in anything over that for longer than 10 minutes.

I have a thermometer and I keep monitoring the water temperature and usually soak at around 99-100 F but turn on the cold tap if my legs turn red or if I feel too warm (which I never do....when not pregnant, hot tubs seem cold to me LOL). Anyways the official suggestion is to keep the water at 98.6, body temperature, and the whole idea is to keep your body from heating up.

I took baths every single day I was pregnant with my DS and he's nearly 6 and he was perfectly healthy (just a a bit of jaundice but that was from being induced early).

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