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Hi ladies.

I really can't remember last time when I stopped taking pregnacare isit after first tri or continue the whole way through? X

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I took pregnacare with my first child all the way through. I am back on the same ones so will probably do the same.

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Mum (Mom)
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You only need folic acid in first trimester, but if you want to continue taking other things (iron especially and vitamin d) then you will need to take something. You can either take it separately or in a pregnancy multivitamin. In the UK, everyone is recommended to take vitamin d throughout pregnancy and many ladies ultimately need an iron supplement. There are cheaper ways to get it than pregnacare, but just depends on your own preferences. I take a pregnancy vitamin (not pregnacare though), plus extra iron, vitamin c and dha/epa.

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Ive always taken pregnacare the whole way through. Trying pregnacare the max this time

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