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Continual pressure and soreness

Hi there! Iím between 5 & 6 weeks pregnant and Iím now well into my second straight week of the weirdest constant abdominal discomfort. I have a 7 year old son and when pregnant with him I had no symptoms at all until morning sickness hit. Aside from mild queasiness in the morning, Iím not really in the nausea stage yet but Iíve barely been able to sleep due to the stomach and uterine discomfort. I have what feel like gas pains as well as intense pressure and sometimes quick short sharp pokes on both sides. None of it lets up, though it feels less noticeable when Iím on my feet and busy. Iím a bit concerned since if this was discomfort from stretching I wouldíve thought Iíd have experienced it during my first pregnancy/stretching of uterus would be easier? I havenít seen my doctor yet and was hoping to wait til 7-8 weeks to go in. Sound like something I should follow up on? This is characterized more as discomfort than pain but it interrupts my ability to get sleep.

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If it's strong and constant it doesn't sound quite like the normal stretching feeling you get in the first few weeks. I would get seen by a dr asap, and hopefully get a scan. I'm not sure what it would be but just doesn't sound right to me. Could be absolutely nothing but better safe than sorry!! Maybe a cyst or something?

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I'd be nervous about ectopic. If it's keeping you from sleeping well I'd say have it checked out.

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With each pregnancy the stretching pains sometimes can get worse, however I've personally never had pains so bad this early on to disrupt my sleep. I would say try to push for a scan. You will probably have to wait another week or two because you wouldn't be likely to see much yet, which would just worry you more than help you. It is also possible you might have a UTI. Sometimes it can cause quite a bit of a pressure feeling and pain in your pelvic region. They would find that out with a simple urine test.

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