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Brown discharge

This morning when I wiped I had a small amount of brown discharge. I didnít have any cramping or back pain. I called the dr and she said itís fine carry on as normal - no need to see me. Later that afternoon I also had a even smaller amount of brown discharge.
Was my dr too nonchalant or is a small amount of brown discharge really nothing to worry about

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If it’s just a little and brown, it’s likely old blood and can be caused by a million things. It’s impossible to pin down but odds are it’s no threat to your pregnancy. If you continue to spot, do be seen for a reassurance scan, but for now try to breathe easy. I had bright red blood multiple times when pregnant with my son and everything was fine with baby.

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Brown is old blood. Could be so many things!!! So many pregnant ladies I know had spotting a lot during first tri. Have you had sex recently? Been super active like working out? A lot of things can irritate you down there. Trust your doctor.

Mine doesn't wanna hear it unless it's red.

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Yeah unless it's cramping and red I wouldn't worry. Lots of women spot brown or even pink through their pregnancy, part of the extra blood flow to the area. I never had any brown blood at all with my miscarriage, it was red right away.

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