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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Congratulations.. this bub sounds like it's meant to be xx

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Mum (Mom)
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Congrats I'm on number 4 aswell. I'm 32 and I can't remember the growing pains being this painful with the others. Have you had any heavy lower pains like a very bad period pain? I'm 8 weeks nearly

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Old Dec 9th, 2017, 16:56 PM   23
Mum (Mom)
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No I haven't had any pains... Just been feeling really sick and in the last few days incredibly exhausted!! How old are your other children?

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Mum (Mom)
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Can I join plz? Iíve also recently found out Iím having no.4! I hve 3 girls (all recently had their bdays) so just turned 6, 4 and 14 months. OH reacted badly and left me so on my own with the 3 girls and this one, Iím not sure how I feel yet? Somedays I think itíll be ok, others I have no idea how Iíll cope, I do find 3 quite hard work, but trying to get better routine x

It took me between 10months - 1 year of trying for each of my 3 girls, Iíve only just gotten my periods back due to BFing, and got caught on my 2nd cycle, we only had sex once and it was not in my fertile time as FF predicted, but here we are lol,

How are you ladies all feeling about no.4? Especially those that it was a surprise for? X

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