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12 week ultrasound gender

I am 12 weeks tomorrow with is my ultrasound. Do you think they can make an educated guess at the gender? With my son he was 13 weeks and the technician said she was 70% sure it was a boy and she was right. Or is that week difference just impossible.

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I've never heard of them saying so early on. Some hospitals don't say at all.
I found out at exactly 16 weeks with my 6 year old he was a boy but i would have thought 12w is way to early?

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I found out this one was a boy at 12 weeks 6 days with an ultrasound but it could have still been a girl because they have similar parts that early sometimes still. If they tell you take it with a grain of salt because they might be wrong.

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I found this page interesting and it should answer your question:

From personal experience I found out gender with my DS2 at slightly before 14 weeks and my DD2 gender at 15 weeks.

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