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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi Everyone
I'm a bit worried this evening as iv had a bit discharge that was white coloured but tinged bright red, I'm approx 11 weeks and also have had much symptoms in the last 2-3 weeks whereas before I had horrendous nausea and tiredness and really sore BBS which aren't sore anymore at all, iv had slight cramping today aswell, any advice would be great

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Im sure everything is completely fine. A lot of people have spotting that is red and have healthy pregnancies. It always reassured me to know that you only really need to worry if you're filling more than a pad of blood an hour. Certainly doesn't sound like that's what's happening to you. If you've had sex or a bowel movement lately that can also cause bleeding.

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I had similar around that time too. It can be quite common and normal. Your symptoms are probably getting better due to you moving towards the second trimester of your pregnancy and things starting to settle down. Pregnancy can be such a worrying time but I'm sure everything is just fine

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I had a few light bleeds and spotting this time up to 16 weeks. In my case it was fine. It scared me at the time but all is OK. It could be your cervix but report it to your midwife as I think they can send you to an early pregnancy unit for a scan. Hope all goes OK but try not to worry x

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