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ĎBumpí has got smaller not bigger

Iím having a real panic today. Iíve been really bloated since 8 weeks and had a noticeable tummy since 9 weeks until now (11+6 today, my ticker is wrong) now Iím almost smaller than when I got pregnant. Iíve obviously lost a bit of weight thanks to morning sickness and not managing to eat much but still really worrying something is wrong I donít have another ultrasound until the 12th.

Is it just the early pregnancy bloat disappearing? Obviously baby is still tiny but I thought I was showing and now Iím just panicked.

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I would say it was bloat that has gone away. I didn't have any bump at all until 18-19 weeks, but some days I definitely had a bloat bump that would come and go. I wouldn't worry too much. Even looking back through my pictures there are weeks when I look less pregnant than the week before (and those are pictures in the teens and 20s). I'm sure everything is fine with baby.

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It is probably the bloat decreasing. I found I got bloated quite quickly but then around your stage it started to settle down a bit. Hopefully everything will be just fine at your ultrasound

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Yes, it's normal for the bloat to go away... You'll be able to see your TRUE baby bump very soon. I tend to lose the bloat at 10-12 weeks along and start getting my real bump at 13-16 weeks along.

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Don't worry... you're probably just getting rid of the bloat and getting your actual bump. A bump at 11 weeks isn't going to be too huge yet. I didn't really pop until about 16 weeks. I'm sure everything is fine

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I had the exact same thing! Was googling this a few weeks ago lol. Even though I know about the whole bloat thing it was worrying. My bump got smaller from 12-13 weeks and then stayed the same size from 13-17 weeks! Just had my 18 week midwife check and I'm measuring exactly where I should be.

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