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Cant stop worrying :(

I had a scan when i was 7 weeks pregnant to rule out ectopic. We saw a little bean with a heartbeat but the sonographer said that it was a week behind and measuring 6 weeks. She said to come back for another scan which is tommorow.

Tommorow im supposed to be 8 weeks and 3 days. Im terrified something is wrong. Im worried that it will measure small or theres something wrong. Im looking for some reassurance. Is it normal for them to measure a bit small sometimes? Should i be worried?

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Mine was 4 days behind where I thought I should be. They didn't seem worried though and I haven't got anymore scans until 12 weeks now. Hope all well at your scan x

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I hope everything goes well at your ultrasound scan hun. Best wishes

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Big hugs lovely I hope everything is okay; I haven't experienced this myself before but I have heard of it happening loads. Let us know how you get on

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When I've had early scans in the past I've been told that because baby is so small measurements can be out by up to about a week. You could be out a day or two with your dates also which can make baby appear smaller. Good luck!

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I was very fortunate and had a great outcome when I experienced a small baby. My little embryo measured 12 days small, and now she's a healthy 4 month old baby. She certainly didn't stay small, as she was born weighing 8 lb, 15 oz. I hope you have the same luck as I did.

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I measured 8 days behind LMP. They base your pregnancy off of a 28 day cycle which very few people actually have, so it's way more common to measure behind than ahead at your first dating scan. I'm sure everything is fine!

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How did your scan go? Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

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Hope your scan went well

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