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Hello first trimester!

Hi everyone! I first joined this forum over 4 years ago shortly before I had my MMC and enjoyed all the support I received. I found some wonderful friends as we embarked pregnancy and motherhood with my daughter. I wasnít as active on the forum after she was born, I usually updated my parenting journal once every 3 months lol

But here I am, back again. In October we decided to focus on our weight loss and we began the low carb/keto diet. I had my Mirena removed Nov 6th to help with the weight loss. Well, thinking that it would take a bit to become pregnant, we decided to NTNP. First cycle started Nov 9 and I found out yesterday that weíre pregnant! Extremely surprised that it happened so fast. Hoping itís a stinky bean.

So far Iíve mostly been irritable and my boobs hurt lol. Iím due August 16, which is the day before my daughter 4th birthday. I had a csection with her, and havenít decided yet if Iíll have another or attempt a VBAC.

Btw my total weight loss so far sincerely October 12th has been 27lbs. I plan to continue the low carb way of eating, I may up my carb count to include fruit

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Congratulations on the little bean! It was in a hurry to be there

Also, congrats on the weightloss, those journeys are never easy!

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Congratulations on the baby and on the weight loss! I lost 47 pounds this year before I became pregnant and my goal is to only gain about 20-25 with this little nugget. It's so exciting!

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Congrats! Welcome back to the first tri!

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Congratulations Mel!

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Congratulations 💃

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Congratulations lovely and welcome

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