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New mommy here. 8 weeks.

Hey guys so. my first doctors apt is this Monday and I'm excited. Do you know if they will do an ultrasound the first time in? From mothers to a new mother of 8 weeks what advice can you give me? I'm super excited. I don't know if everyone is kind of obsessed with taking more pregnancy tests but I've taken already three tests this week ever since i found out i got pregnant. My husband is excited and nervous at the same time. i think yesterday he finally said, your pregnant! I'm like yes baby i am.

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Hi hun! Welcome! Iíll be 8 weeks tomorrow. The first appointment can be a wide range, as many doctors do different things. Some do a dating scan to give you a due date, while others donít scan at all. My first appointment was mostly a history and to order blood work. We did schedule a scan for later in the week as I had a recent missed miscarriage.

This time round Iím not seeing the doctor til almost 10.5 weeks, they do a phone interview around 8 weeks to get background info. We only know itís twins because I had bleeding at 5 weeks and after a follow ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy was still progressing, we discovered twins

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Congrats and welcome to the first tri

Some doctors will give early ultrasounds just to make sure of dating but I wouldn't guarantee one. Doctors typically don't do them for first pregnancies unless you've had worrisome symptoms, like bleeding or cramping. They take all first pregnancies as "normal" until proven otherwise. I didn't get an ultrasound with my first until I was 20 weeks.

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