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Heart Rate of Baby Started Low

hi ladies, at my 7th week scan, my baby was measuring on time but had a low heart rate of 107. My doctor expressed concern over this number and arranged for a scan one week later.
so today, I had my 8 week scan. baby is measuring on time and has an increased heartbeat of 158. I am over the moon of course. but I'm worried about the implications of having the heart rate start low. Any ladies experienced this ?

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Maybe it had only just began beating at the first scan

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I’m sorry your doctor worried you. I’m very surprised by that. My boy was 128 at 6w4d. I didn’t note his 9w hb in my app and i’m Too tired to dig through bnb lol but from everything I have read at 6-7 weeks 90-110 is excellent and by 8 weeks over 120 is excellent. So sounds like your bean is doing great in there!

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