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Early symptoms - digestive system!!! (TMI)

So Iím not quite 4 weeks yet and I have awful diarrhoea! I have IBS anyway and during my pregnancy with my oldest I had it for about 2 weeks before the morning sickness kicked in.

With my middle 2 I had constipation. Could not go to save my life!!!

So Iím back to diarrhoea again. I donít mind because Iím sure itís a good sign that Iíve got at least 1 symptom! (Apart from nipples being a lot darker!)

Iím sure the morning sickness will start in about 2 weeks as it did with all the others.... the joys! Although, I think I might relax a little more then lol!

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Yeah Iíve had diarrhea as well off and on. Iím 6 weeks today. Iíve also been so nauseous and tired. Lovely pregnancy symptoms 🤪

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I Had this for a few weeks! It confused me as I know most people suffer with constipation, it disappeared around 7 weeks and then my morning sickness started (sorry) although itís dissapeared now! Hope it stops for you soon!

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Yeah I’ve got IBS too and eugh it’s awful one minute I’m constipated the next it’s awful diarrhoea and the trapped wind is awful! Hope you start to feel better soon xx

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Oh yes the trapped wind, urg! I'm 5 and a half weeks and i'm just starting to feel sick which is about right for me as morning sickness hit about 6- weeks with my other two pregnancies. My hubby says he always knows when I'm pregnant as I start going to bed at 8pm lol!

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I also have ibs.. and also possibly coeliac/gluten intolerant (gluten gives me constipation along with a range of other horrible symptoms) I hace had mostly bloating and constipation since falling pregnant, am now 6 weeks along. No morning sickness for me yet.

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