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Due in September! Looking for buddies :)

Hi *waves*

Iím due 18th September although thatís subject to change at scans etc. My last period began on 5th December however according to FF, OPKs, CM and cervical position, I didnít ovulate until 25/26th December, so CD 20/21! Making me a whole week less than the doctors estimate.

Although I suppose thatís a good thing I know this as I wonít get a surprise at the scan when they date me a week less than they expect.

This cycle has been so weird! I was feeling weird and had some spotting around CD15 ish so I did a HPT and got a faint BFP. Thought it was strange as I had only had my period 2 weeks before! Took another the next day - BFN. And another BFN the day after that. Then on the next day had a slightly darker albeit still faint BFP! Which went back to BFN the day after! I thought I was having a chemical pregnancy

Then CD19 I got a blazing positive OPK and EWCM, my cervix was high and very open! And by temps FF puts my ovulation at CD21 (Boxing Day!). Although I think itís more like CD20 (Christmas Day) as I usually ovulate very soon after a positive OPK.

Got my first BFP at 9DPO and itís progressed nicely since then so Iím keeping everything crossed this is my sticky rainbow baby! I had some spotting 9&10DPO but nothing since, thank goodness!

I have a booking in appointment with my midwife on the 12th February where Iíll be just short of 9 weeks

My symptoms so far are just bad skin, darker nipples, cold symptoms, diarrhoea, and headaches.
Morning sickness for me doesnít start until 6 weeks (usually) so I should have about 2 weeks until it starts, however I know it may be different this time.

Iím feeling a lot wetter down there at the moment so running to the loo to check constantly! But Iím sure that will stop after the 1st trimester!

Anyways, sorry for waffling on!!!

Itíll be nice to share this journey with some buddies

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Hi!! I have my scan next week, the 1st day of my last period was Dec. 1; so putting me around 5 weeks. I did a few pregnancy calculators and they all estimate my DD to be the 1st week of September! I'll get a better understanding next week, which feels years away!!

I've had absolutely no symptoms, other then some cramping off and on with no bleeding since I found out last week. If it wasn't for my doctor's office confirming it, I wouldn't think I was pregnant! I'll check in to see what other symptoms and what not you post!

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Hi :waves:

I'm also in the same boat as you. My last period was 2nd December meaning that I "should" be 5 weeks and 3 days according to a 28 day standard cycle (and the midwife will say this) however I have a 34 day cycle and I know when I ovulated as I was tracking my ovulation tests. I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I got a nice positive on the digital this morning. It still feels really surreal but I'm so excited to be having my 4th and final baby. I haven't had many symptoms yet at all. No sore boobs, nausea (though this doesn't start until 5-6 weeks), or anything. I am starting to become more tired and my tummy has a pulling, achy sort of feeling tonight and I get ligament pains when I stand up! I can't believe I'm having another baby though. I look forward to chatting with you xx

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I am so pleased for you !! I am due on the 10th xx

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Hello! Tentatively due Sept. 7th but that could definitely change at our first scan (Jan 31st). Last period was Dec. 1st so I should be around 5 weeks and 5 days. I didn't track anything other than periods so no idea when I ovulated or whatnot. My husband and I have been on the lazier NTNP side for about 4 years

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I though Iíd come say hello. My Edís from my last period (30/11) is 6th September but of course could all change. I didn test until I was 9 days late also. If it wasn for me being snappy have incredibly sore boobs and me Crying at adverts I would have just thought I was late. I already have a 3 well 4 year old and a 14 month old so this came as a shock.

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