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Brown spotting from 4 weeks onwards, anyone else?

I started spotting brown a little at 9DPO when I got my first BFP, then a little more on 10DPO. Then it stopped.

It started again at 14DPO for a couple of hours. Then stopped and started again this morning at 16DPO. Itís literally just the tiniest bit when I wipe and only lasts for a couple of toilet trips.

Itís just on and off. My tests are pretty much as dark as they are gonna get. FRER Test line darker than control yesterday.

Iíve not got any pain, apart from a little stretching and pulling in the uterus area. Iím only 4+2 so really early. The EPAU wonít see me until 6 weeks so on my own until then.

Just wondering if anyone else had this and what the outcome was?

Iíve been pregnant 7 times and never had this before. In my miscarriages I went from red spotting to full on bleeding within hours, also my tests never got this dark. Iíve only ever got dark tests like this in my pregnancies that progressed (2 live births, one early stillbirth).

So yeah, this is totally new to me!

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Your lines look fab 😃

Hi hun, i didnt want to read and run, i do know that brown blood is old blood, so possibly from implantation. Xx

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I've had tiny amounts of light pink spotting on and off for last 3 weeks. Had an early scan which showed baby was fine so far and we heard it's heartbeat. Apparently it is reasonably common. With you being so early on though it could just be implantation xx

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With my last 2 pregnancies I spotting all through my first trimesters. Sometimes it's normal & there's no explanation!

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