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You're meant to be really tired in the first trimester, so don't worry about feeling like you can't cope with the house work! Your energy levels will rise again in second and third trimester, and once nesting kicks in, you'll get it all done, don't worry!

I had a bit of a mad panic today, I only found out I'm pregnant over the weekend, but I just did a deep clean in the living room and regret doing it, because I feel like I over did it. Don't over work yourself. Do little bits at a time. Write down smaller tasks, and leave the bigger ones until you have a burst of energy.

Get your OH to just generally tidy up after himself as to not cause more mess for you.

Is there a day someone has your DD? Could you invite a friend or relative round to help you sort through toys/clothes while someone else has her? Helps if theres two of you I cannot sort through old toys while my son is in the house, he just wants to play with everything I touch, even if he has had no interest in the toy for months!

Little steps at a time! You have 9 months to get everything into shape! My house is a mess at the moment too! Don't worry!

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