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Question about dating scan

I am currently pregnant with my second child- my first is 7 months. I thought I was 10 weeks since that was the last and only time I had gotten my period. I went in for a dating scan which put me at 13 weeks. This means that I got pregnant before my period came back but then had my period once I became pregnant. Iím so confused, my first was born right on his due date. Do you think this scan is accurate? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Was the period before that normal? Could it of been implantation bleeding

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10-13 weeks is awfully late for a dating scan. Usually they're done between 6-8 weeks otherwise it isn't as accurate because it could be possible that you just have a larger than average baby.

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We have dating scans at around 12 weeks in the UK. Then another at 20 weeks

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They did my dating scan at 8 weeks because they say itís thenmost accurate that early. I was moved ahead a week this time.

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In the UK dating scans are only done between 11-14 weeks. I agree with Glong could it of been implantation bleeding?

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Here in Canada (at least where I live!) they do the first one between 10 and 13 weeks. (My apt is at 10+4).

My sister was added a week and a half when she had hers! But as many have mentioned was it a full on period, or perhaps a little lighter?

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