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Help! Durex Play - avoid when pregnant!?

Does anybody know why Durex Play lubricant says on the bottle avoid when pregnant or breastfeeding?

DH and I used it last night before I read the bottle and now I'm worrying!

I would assume that it might just be more irritating for the woman in pregnancy, but if that was the case I don't understand why it says breastfeeding too?

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What's in the ingredients? I tried to look online, but can't find a list of ingredients. If it's the warming or dulling one, it could be because some of these have added lidocaine in them (which is a painkiller) and there might be a reason why should use that vaginally in pregnancy. Really most things you shouldn't insert in your vagina except under medical supervision in pregnancy. I couldn't even get the pharmacist to let me buy thrush cream without a prescription a few weeks ago. I imagine it's something to do with not wanting the liability if it does anything to dilate or irritate your cervix (and the breastfeeding thing might just be something they tack on there with pregnancy). But it would depend on the active ingredients. If there are any additives, like lidocaine, I imagine that might carry a breastfeeding warning as well if it hasn't been well tested topically in bf mums.

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It's most likely because it isn't licenced for use in pregnancy almost all products and drugs arnt due to the difficult ethical issues relating to testing products on pregnant ladies you most likely have nothing to worry about but I would advice not using it again.

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