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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cramping on and off

So yesterday i was cramping not horrible, but the worst yet this pregnancy. I was scared it was something bad. Then after like 2 hours they stopped. Nothing since then. Now today i havent felt anything and now im worried about that. So if i cramp i worry, if i dont i worry. I like having just little light stretching cramps which make me think the baby is growing. Anyone else crazy like me and worry about everything!

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2nd time
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Yep I'm crazy too

It doesn't get a y better either this is my 8th pregnancy and hopfuly my 7th baby.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I think I posted exactly this a few weeks ago! I was cramping for a couple weeks, absolutely panicked about it, and then the cramping stopped for two days and I freaked. But baby is still cooking nicely. I just get twinges and pulling and stretching feeling really now, some mild cramps in the afternoon sometimes as hats when I think he does his growing. I think as long as you don’t see red blood, you’re fine.

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Same. I had nasty back pain one day at work with some tummy cramps. So uncomfy I didn't like standing upright. Was there for the day but gone next day. Had a scan the other day there at 8 weeks and all fine.

It's such a worrying time x

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All the random aches and pains are so worrying! I think every single one of us understands xx

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I had a bit of an AF ache yesterday that bothered me! But Iím assuming as long as there is no blood/spotting itís a case of uterus stretching!

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Most likely it is fine. I've had some cramping this pregnancy that was so strong it literally keeled me over. I chalked it up to stretching since everything else seems to be going well.

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