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Hi, my daughter is going to be 6 and is not keen at all of the idea of a baby sister or brother. We are waiting for the 12 weeks scan to tell her but I have been asking her about her feeling about having a new baby in the house and mentioned how great she would be as a big sister but she think she ll have less attention and everything will be different. Bear in mind that she is pretty much the only grandchild on both side of our family ( OH ' step sister s got a granddaughter of her age and they get on well but we've dont see them very often) . She is always quite clingy with me, maybe because I am working full time. So I was wondering how your 1st born accepted the idea of a new sibling . Her best friend just had a baby brother and there is only 2 of them without sibling in her classroom.

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With my second pregnancy my son was 2 and a half and I asked him if he wanted a brother or sister and he said no baby! But I took him to scans and other appointments and he got really excited to hear the heartbeat. There are 3 years between he and his sister and they are good together.
This Xmas I asked him if he wanted a brother or sister and again he said no more babies lol now that he's seen pics of baby again he's super excited. I downloaded the bump app and every Monday he gets my phone and opens the app so he can see how big baby is and watch a new video about that weeks development. It has really helped get him excited by getting him involved. Now the thing is has insistent he wants a brother cuz he has a sister already lol I told him he gets what he gets 😊 don't stress and focus on her being upset these things work themselves out I think ❤

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My first two were really close in age, a little more than a year apart. When baby #3 came 2 1/2 years later, my second born bonded with her better than my first born. My first born is finally starting to warm up to her now that she is getting older. I think your DD will probably not take to a sibling at first, but once she is up and moving, no longer a crying, needy baby she'll probably come around.

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