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I live in France where toxoplasmosis is very common. Most French people have immunity because theyíve caught it before but most foreigners donít. Iíve had a blood test to show that I donít have immunity

This means that I have to wash any salad/vegetable/fruit in vinegar solution and I canít eat unwashed raw things from restaurants. I also have to get blood tests monthly to check to make sure that I didnít catch it. Waaaaah. I guess no-one else here in the same situation?

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Wow they must take it much more seriously in France. I really only ever hear not to clean the cat box when pregnant, and to make sure pork is very very well cooked. I didn't know there even was a blood test to check for immunity let alone know anyone who gets monthly blood tests for it. Seems like a good thing to take extra precautions about. We don't have a cat so it's not something I've ever even looked into being at risk of contracting.

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I am French living in the UK and I never caught it but I am going there for 2 weeks in April so I am worried now, lol x

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