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Anyone else get SPD on baby#1 and now suffering with baby #2?

I'm only 4/5 weeks pregnant with baby #2 but my god is my SPD back with avengence!

I have what I assume is sciatic pain in my left hip/back area and in my first pregnancy my left hip was actually rotating in its joint. All between my legs is starting to ache now and it's all getting very familiar and clicky etc.

Did anyone else suffer SPD on baby #1 and are now suffering again with baby #2? If so, how early on baby #2 did it begin for you? It began at around 18wks for me with my son

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Yes, I had SPD in my previous pregnancies that lasted about a week or two after I gave birth. It got a little worse and earlier each time. This time it started in the first trimester. I'm seeing a chiropractor so as to hopefully avoid it getting too bad by the end of my pregnancy.

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