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Migraines during first trimester???

With my first son who is 14 I had terrible migraines. So bad in fact that that's how I discovered I was pregnant by going to the ER. About a year prior to that, I had been hospitalized for migraines and diagnosed with cluster headaches.

Now, I am 9 weeks and the migraines the last 2 weeks have been unbearable. My Dr told me to try tylenol first, then excedrin if the tylenol doesn't work. After that she instructed that I go to the ER if I still can't get them under control, and they will give me percocet (which is pregnancy friendly).

It just seems SO dramatic! To go to the ER BC I can't take ibuprofen?

I also do natural things to try to remedy them... Cold packs on my head, heating pads on my neck and shoulders, essential oils, massage, showers... But they have become unbearable. I almost took myself to the ER last night but didn't want to leave my son home alone...

Has anyone else dealt with these? Any suggestions? I can't go to the ER every time I have a migraine, and I can't afford to lose days at a time because of it...

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Benadryl surprisingly really helps with migraines. Thatís what the ER told me when I went in dehydrated. They have a non drowsy form of it too. Also make sure your electrolytes stay up, drinking gatorade helps

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I've had a migraine for 3 days, they're so horrible when pregnant. I've been taking a Tylenol with a cup of tea, which takes the edge off. You can also try drinking hot water, as there's something about a hot drink that helps. Hope you feel better!

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Wowzers! I remember those with my first pregnancy. Praying that yal get better

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