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Iíve had a dull constant headache for a week now! Iíve bought a 4head stick and some cool n soothe cold patches and itís just not good enough!
I also feel quite queasy

Any other suggestions to keep headaches at bay?!

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I find the only way to lift them is to have a really good nap and drink lots of water. I won’t take any painkillers but that has totally solved them for me, even the crippling ones that make my vision weird!

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Water, water, water!! I had headaches a lot with my first.

Edited to say I hope you feel better!! Get rest when you can.

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I had horrible headaches during all of my pregnancies. It seems this one is way worse though. I have tried extra water, patches, eating lots of small meals all to no help. Spoke to my midwife and honestly mine are most likely related to caffeine deficiency. (since I had a lot in my non-pregnant days) She suggested a little caffeine in the am and voila... headaches have gone away completely. Just one cup, sometimes half a cup, has done the trick.

I hope your headaches subside, hang in there, I know how terrible they truly are.

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I only just got rid of the headaches about a week or two ago, and that was because I upped my water intake by A LOT. I've been drinking close to a gallon a day, which is the amount you're supposed to drink when pregnant (according to the internet lol).

I've noticed I get the headaches when I don't drink enough water, or if I drink too much coffee or diet soda (decaf and caffeine-free, obvs ), as they are both dehydrating.

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