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When i went for my first ultrasound at what should have been 6wks6days (due to spotting plus a previous MC) baby only measured as 6wks1day but it did have a hb! I was worried as my dates cant have been that far out as I had my strong bfp on the day my period was due and have regular (26-28 day cycles). The tech told me that when its this early they can be up to 5 days out!

When i had more bleeding at 9 and a half weeks (by my dates, not first scan) i had a scan then too and baby was only measuring 1 day behind my dates! 2 days later had another scan due to spotting and it showed dates as 1 day earlier then the previous scan, i of course freaked out and asked if it was shrinking but the tech pointed out the actual measurement and said the machine must be set to the wrong setting. When i had my most recent scan at 11wks4days baby measured 2 days ahead of my dates! So from my experience theres a lot that varies from techs to ultrasound machines to the baby itself! So i really would try to relax, get another scan in a few weeks and i think you'll find baby will be close enough on track!

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I wouldn't worry, I had my US a week ago tomorrow and my doctor put me back an entire week! This has never happened to me before, but all looked well with baby, I know for sure when my period was but the actual ov and implantation times can very so much that it can change your dates by up to 10 days so yours only being 4 days I would try not to stress!

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I appreciate all of your is really hard not to worry. My last pregnancy ended in a d&c last November because of a MMC. I did not know they even existed before then. I thought you always bled, but my body never did even 4 weeks after my baby died. It is such a cruel thing to endure when your body refuses to acknowledge a loss. Until I can see my lil bean I will worry.

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You cannot palpate a uterus at 4 weeks pregnant as it is completely hidden behind the pubic bone. There is no uterus to feel from the outside until around 12 weeks or so, I think. Either way, nothing to feel at 4 weeks! Your doctor is worrying you for no reason.

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