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TMI WARNING: Super painful poop! :(

So I don't believe its hemmoroids as it is more of a cramping in my lower belly. It only happens randomly, maybe its constipation as I've never really had that before. But last night it hurt so bad I was crying on the toilet, just saying please please over and over again. I was literally jumping up and down on the toilet, tears rushing, and it hurt so bad I got dizzy and suuuuper hot (I had to take off all of my clothes). Im 11 weeks and 5 days, This is my 2nd time around and my son is 14. I don't really recall this the first time around. It started with severe cramping, and when it finally did some out it was like little repeated explosions. When it was over after about 10 minutes or so I was so exhausted I fell asleep.

Is this normal?! Anyone else experience this???

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I've not had anything really painful like that before while pregnant. Have you mentioned it to your midwife?
Would you say its like an upset stomach? I know certain foods can upset your tummy differently compared to before you were pregnant?

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I've had this a few times. I've actually bled because of it. My doctor told me to drink more water, eat more fiber, and take a stool softener if it gets really bad. It happens because your system slows down because of all the pregnancy hormones.

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If you mean it was a hard poo, I find nuts, plenty of water and baked potatoes with the skin on help with baked beans. DS2 suffers with constipation and he has grapes a lot which help. Prunes can help. Also, if nothing seems to help then pretty certain you can have lactulose during pregnancy, but check with pharmacist or midwife first

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