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Ramble all you need to! I’ll listen

First tri can be a roller coaster of emotions. I had hg with my first two and I’m only suffering ‘normal’ ms this time and it makes me worried that’s something isn’t right. I never worried with my first two because being so sick I guess it just didn’t cross my mind that something could go wrong. Xx

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I called today because it happened again after a bowel movement. They said because itís happening after that then it would suggest only irritation. Iím just worried Iím somehow hurting baby! I know I doubt it.

Said might be worth an internal exam with my GP to see whatís causing it. But likely irritation!
She said if it keeps happening for weeks it may be worth further investigation.

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I know how you feel, I'm always anxious in the first trimester it's difficult because it's just a waiting game really isn't it. When is your next scan?

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I have almost exactly the same situation.

I started spotting at 5w. I've had pretty much daily spotting since then (almost 11w now) - and had probably 5 ultrasounds? Maybe 6 I can't even remember lol. My spotting/bleeding changes daily from brownish to bright red.

my US in Emergency with my first major bleed showed a subchorionic bleed in the uterus. - although follow up scans are not showing that, so they've ruled that out.

My last appt (well second last as I saw Obyn today) they did an internal exam, she found a cervical enctropion (sp?) in the canal this side of the cervix. Apparently it's common, and it is no harm to the baby, but she believes that is what is causing my bleeds. She said it's likely I could bleed/spot all the way through pregnancy (yay me lol).

It's very anxiety causing to see blood. But I'm slowly learning not to have complete panic attacks over it because it's something that I'm just getting use to seeing.

I just wanted to reassure you - that sometimes bleeding is completely harmless, although it is stress causing - it's more common than we think.

but please ask for a scan, if nothing else, just to reassure you - I am always offered scans, because they know it puts my mind at ease. I have weekly Obyn appts now as I'm classed as high risk, simply cause of the bleeding/my age/IVF pregnancy. And every appt they do a little bedside scan to show me the heartbeat and that puts my mind at ease.


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