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Pregnancy / Bump to Baby Journals

Have any of you bought one? I had one for my son and am looking for another, but I can't decide on a good one to have, I think one that covers the first year would be good - my son's didn't do that.

Which ones have you bought?

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I had a Sophie la girafe pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my daughter. I bought it off Amazon. I don't think its the best for after baby is born but for keeping track of all the developments and special things to remember from your pregnancy it's really lovely!

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I haven't bought one yet but I have one beautiful journal (they are called the classic 100 days notebook, you can see photos on google images) that I've had for years now and never used it so I'm thinking of turning that into pregnancy/baby journal Every page is in this beautiful vintage style, really lovely, and most pages have lines on left and empty space on right that will be great for gluing photos in there

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I’ve got the busy bee journal - I really like bits of it but it doesn’t give a whole lot of room, but has lots of prompts and bits to fill out. It doesn’t continue past birth in terms of the diary entry section although has a little section where you can make notes after they’re born.

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