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Originally Posted by winterbabies3 View Post
My friend is going through this as well. Her periods were all off and sometimes never came. Sometimes it can take months to get back to normal her doctor told her. Dont let that get you down tho! Her cycles tend to be off sometimes anyways. Call your doctor and see what they say. Her doctor even recommended going on a pill again to try and get regular, but she wasnt up for that wait!
When I Came off depo (the shot) I went on the pill for 4-5 months to regulate and got BFP the first month off the pill. I think the pill does help to regulate. I would try that!

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Thank you all for the replies.

A few positive stories, so thatís good. Doctor said I should be firing all cylinders as soon as itís out (but we all know they say different things to different people, and obviously it seems it takes some people momeths until they ovulate again after removal)
Tested negative with FRER yesterday so I think Iím still waiting for ovulation and AF

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