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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Thank you all very much!
I have found ginger ale to help. DH brought me home a case to try and just a few sips calmed my stomach and head. I dont really understand it, but it feels like part of my nausea is caused by my head, which just feels dizzy or heavy with hormones, if that makes sense? I just dont feel all there in my head sometimes haha!

Anyway, I dislike drinking so much non-water items while pregnant, so a half can in the morning settles my stomach enough to get through the day, then I drink the other half of the can at night (when my nausea seems to be worse).

Its helped tremendously! Only 3 more days until that first appointment!

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I am glad you found some relief! And I actually had to google it last night because I was so dizzy just lying down to go to bed, but apparently dizziness can also be an effect of morning sickness. I've also got it bad, something I didn't have in the past. Good luck at your first appointment

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