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"Confirmation Appointment"at 5w4days:what is it?

During my first pregnancy my first appointment was at 8w3 days and I had the bloods and ultrasound. This time around, the same office scheduled me for a "confirmation Appointment". I know I'm pregnant and it's progressing as I'm a psycho who has taken a trillion +1 FRERs including one day before yesterday) which match up in photo with those of my first pregnancy at the same dpo (as do my symptoms, indentically).

What do you think they'll do? I'm seeing a P.A. Ultrasound I was told is at my 8/9 week one. So what could they do? Bloods and urine ? Anyway, just looking for others experiences. (My previous time at OB was for my 6week post pardum appointment after. Normal pregnancy). So I'm not high risk.

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