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Went clothes shopping... so disgusted

So, I am a plus size 16/18 in US, but very proportionate and I have never been self conscious.
I wear bikini, go topless, wear whatever I want....
But, now.... I am soooo disgusted with myself, and I am only 12 weeks (tomorrow). No pants that have zipper and button fit, so I went to get couple of leggings/pants today and I was just sooo disgusted with myself. I do not like at all how my body looks in any clothes...
Lady in the store was very sweet and said its normal to feel that way, but I feel disgusted!

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I feel your pain. I am the same right now. Most of my first trimester bloat has gone so now I just feel fat. Went shopping last week and could not find a single thing I feel comfy in.

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I think its better when you get an obvious bump and look pregnant instead of just thick around the middle.

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