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Partner has just called it quits...

My partner begged me to take him back in an argument and promised me we'd talk about having another baby...sure enough I conceived that day... now he's turned around saying he doesn't want the baby so he wants to end our relationship.

I'm hurt. I'm broken. My life is only going to get ten fold worse from here. I'll be a single mum to three babies under 4 with no support from family, friends or anyone. A job with strange hours and no one to watch the kids so I can provide for them. A family who has already told me they wouldn't help me if I had another baby.

Ladies I need some virtual hugs 😔 And some advice.

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Sending you hugs and sorry you are going through such a tough time. In retrospect it wasn't the wisest thing to get pregnant without being in a stable relationship. Please learn from your experience and protect yourself in the future but now what is done is done. I think you could waist all your time and energy on regrets or you can get on and make the best of your life. You are not the first to be in a position like this and I am sure you won't be the last. Your situation might seem helpless but you are strong, you can do this. You are already doing it with 2 little ones so you can do it with 3.

Your family might be upset about it but chances are they will come around in time. Especially if you show you are working hard and making good decisions in your life.

On a practical side make sure you are getting government help you are untitled to and look into any community support available to singe mums. And the father might have changed his mind but he is still the father so I assume he is required to pay child support.

And lastly congratulations! The circumstances might not be the best but a baby is a blessing. One day you will probably look back and think you wouldn't change anything!

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Hey hun im really sorry you are goibg through this it must feel awful right now x but dont rush to quick, he might just need time x it was probably a huge shock and with how your relationship job has been he is probably panicking x i know its extremely difficult but try and give him a little space x he might come round x everything is crazy for both of you atm just need to wait for things to calm down x you have alot of history and im sure he has alot of thinking to do before he comes to a firm decision x hugs x

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He can walk away from the relationship and refuse to play an active role as Dad, but he cannot shirk his financial obligation to the baby. I'm so sorry.

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I don't have any advice I jut wanted to send you hugs!
Maybe have a serious talk with your family to see what- if anything- they are willing to help you with. At least you will have a better understanding of their position as well as your own, it is easy to sink into depression so please take care of yourself

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I'm so sorry

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I'm really sorry
Definitely speak to citizens advice so you can make sure you are getting all the help you can and speak to your family.
Your life isn't going to get worse, you're going to have a lovely new baby and although you won't have your ex in your life he doesn't sound like the nicest person in the world so although it may be hard you'll probably be better off.
Big hugs to you x

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