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Anyone else housing ovarian cysts as well as a baby?

I have a 5cm cyst on my right ovary. They think it's where the egg released and it bled in on itself.

I had a bleed early on at about 5 weeks (which they have blamed on implantation) but they scanned me at 5 weeks to be sure all was ok and they found the cyst (which apparently didn't cause the bleed). They measured it at my 8 week scan and it hadn't shrunk, they measured again last tuesday at my 12 week scan, still hasn't shrunk.

Although uncomfortable I'm not in any pain with it and they've said that as I'm in no pain and it hasn't grown, they're not concerned and they'll leave it alone and just monitor it again at my 20 week scan (24th may).

Anyone else have friendly little cysts living in harmony with their bubs?

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I was told today at my 5 week scan I had a corpus lotum cyst that was on my left ovary, Iíve never heard of them in pregnancy before but she said it was perfectly normal for pregnancy.

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I believe the corpus luteum is what produces progesterone and sustains a pregnancy until the placenta takes over. I know they're pretty common. My corpus was present on my right ovary at my 7 week scan. I think they can fill with blood or fluid and become a problem but normally resolve themselves during 2nd trimester.

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