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FRER not getting darker

I took a FRER on 18dpo intending on it to be my last. The test was as dark as the control.

Got beta done on 20 dpo: 582 (up from 40 the week before)

Took another FRER today (22dpo) thinking it would be way darker than the control, and it looked the same as 18dpo. Panicked, thought it might be hook effect, so I diluted my urine 50% and the lines look exactly the same still.

Thoughts? Anyone have their FRER stall between hcg being 500-1000? I'm so scared of another loss.

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I didn't use the FRER, but my ICs stopped getting any darker after 15 DPO, it was all the same no matter what! I actually never got to be as dark as the control line. And I'm almost 16 weeks now

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It only detects that you have hcg in urine and not how much actually. Only gets as dark as the amount of ink they put on test. It may darken from earlier tests say 8 dpo but from 15 to 18 or so no.

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Maybe they don't get any darker than that x

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There’s nothing to worry about my doctor told me the darkness of the line was irrelevant! If you got your positive I wouldn’t worry so much about it & if you have any concerns about baby or pregnancy just call your doctor & that should ease your mind!

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