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No yolk sac yesterday, but today...

So I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant according to my last menstral cycle. Went for 5 week ultrasound last Wednesday and according to doctor, all seemed to be on track. Due to my previous miscarriages, he wanted to see me a week later to check for progression. Last night he did an ultrasound and said he didn’t see as much progress as he had hoped and couldn’t see a clear yolk sac. He didn’t seem too confident but said he didn’t want me to give up yet. He asked me to come on Monday which would make me 6+6 for a repeat ultrasound.

I was worried because my symptoms seemed to have disappeared. No nausea, boobs not as sore, no menstrual cramps. I figured it was another bad sign and spend last night mopey and sad.

Queue to today when my doctor calls me at 9 to say that my HSG numbers from last night were pretty high. I was sent to a radiologist for a clear, high tech tv ultrasound.

The tech took 25 minutes getting all up in my business. She was pretty stoic and didn’t lead on to anything, good or bad. She then told me to wait in the waiting area.

25 minutes later I was told my doctor has my results and I should call him.

Long story short, the doc says congratulations, everything looks perfect and the baby has a heartbeat of 144. You are measuring 6+2, right where you should be!

I’m still nervous as hell, but so excited there was a heartbeat!

Now I need to see if I can help my doc to get a business loan to get a new ultrasound machine!

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Awesome news, congratulations!

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congrats xxx

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Great news! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mos

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Congratulations! ��

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Awesome update

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That's great news! Congratulations!

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Wow what a relief!!!

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