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Is it possible to get a bfp then Implantation bleed few days later?

Hi i am new here. I have had numerous pregnancy losses. MMC, CP, MC and 2 EP. I still have both of my tubes luckily. I have not ttc for 5 years since the 2 ep until i started ttc from March 2018.
I am currently 4 weeks pregnant. I got a bfp 9 days after conception. 3 days after i found out i was pregnant I bled. It was like a red/brown colour. It came out like a light gush. After 10 mins it completely slowed down to a light spotting. It then went a pink/ brown colour then eventually tapered off to light brown spotting. The brown spotting finished friday. I was meant to be due on Friday but obviously being pregnant i don't want to see the witch.
I did go to my local EPU/ gynaecology ward because of high risk of ectopic pregnancy. i had my hcg done. This came back at 179 for 12dpo. My cervix is also closed (gynecologist confirmed) i had my hcg repeated 2 days later on 14dpo and it came back at 452.
Is it possible to get a bfp at 9dpo and have IB at 12dpo?

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It probably was not ib, but breakthrough bleeding. It is possible to still bleed occasionally in first trimester. My adoptive mom did for the first how many months with one of her sons.

As long as you and baby are healthy that is all that matters.

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I agree with above, it's common to have breakthrough bleeding. And tbh, it's common to have spotting at any given point in the first tri - I have had spotting/bleeding with all of my children.
If I were you, I would request an early scan. I'm unsure where you are (I'm in the UK and we don't routinely scan until 12 weeks), and perhaps you already arranged a scan due to your history, but once you see a hb the risk of mc drops significantly

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Absolutely! I had bfp at 9dpo & bled some pinky/brown on the day after my period was due - 6 days later! nothing since though. With my son, i was bleeding pinky/Brown from 5dpo right up until just before my 12wk scan! It is alarming because of your previous history, not sure why they didnt scan you? My epu scanned me st 6wks to make sure as i gave ep back in 2013 & any bleeding just sets alarm bells with me aswell.. know its hard not worry..

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