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Cautiously tip toeing in

Hello ladies. I'm Sam. Received my positive today after over 12 months of trying to concieve.
Abit of background information about me. I have two children Katie is 12 and Nathan is 7. From the same father. After 8 years of marriage we divorced. I met a new man and had 2 children with him. Sadly my first Lucy died at 9 days old and Bradley was still born at 29 weeks. I was then diagnosed with a pregnancy condition called chronic hystiocytic intervillositties. Basically inflammation in the placenta that causes severe intrauterine growth restriction. After spending 4 years with him we parted. I'm now with a wonderful man who doesn't have children. We have tried to concieve for over a year which I lost all hope. But today we received our first positive. I'm fully aware that the same thing could happen to this baby and preparation is all in place. I have to go on tons of medication. High dose folic acid. Aspirin. Tinzaparin injections. Vitamin c. Vitamin d. And 3 lots of steroids. So I'm aware it's going to be tough. I have lupus. I also have ptsd so my hormones take another level in pregnancy and I become very unstable at some point during now and 14 weeks so I'm scared about that but for now I'm here and taking this day by day.
I actually want to strip naked and run up the street and scream I'm pregnant but I'll contain myself haha.

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So sorry for all your issues, I hope that this goes well for you! Congrats

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Congrats hunny! The mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety must feel very overwhelming X Im pregnant with my second after a difficult first pregnancy and an early loss so I understand the fear of getting your hopes up X one day at a time hun X and like my midwife said it's a new pregnancy and a different partner will make a very different baby with different outcome X if you need someone to chat too I'm here X hugs x

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Sorry to read about your loses . Huge congratulations on your positive though! wishing you all the best xx

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