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Sore cesarean scar!

Hi ladies,

I have 2 cesareans scar, the latest being nearly 4 years ago however this afternoon its been really sore! I feel like i cant walk properly!

This time round I feel like the symtoms have really kicked my a$$ but this pain has worried me a little!

Anyone else going through this? xx

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Yes I'm the same, 2 previous c sections and pregnant with my 3rd! I've had some horrible pains in my old scar, one day it was so bad I booked a private scan because I was so worried! X

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Just keep an eye on the scar site it's probably due to pressure but it's best to keep an eye of it becomes red and inflamed it's best to get it checked or any unusual changes in it that concern you

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I had a csection to deliver our trio in 2012 and it still hurts from time to time now !!

Im only currently about 4 weeks we think ?? But im also really worried about it getting any worse or causing issues during this pregnancy !

Im sure it will turn out to be absoloutly fine and its just due to the stretching and pulling thats going to be going on ! xx

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