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A question for those of you with (or who have had) baby bumps

Im confused. Im a little over 11 weeks with my second child. I can tell Im deffinitly getting larger around the middle, I cant suck it in, its there when I wake up in the morning.

When I use the doppler, I find the baby's HB right above the pubic bone. When I lay on my stomach, Im noticing a hardness in that area as well.

However, if I stand and feel around its not hard. Its firm, but not hard-however, Im still growing and pants are getting too tight.

Is this bump? Is this bloating? Is the increase in size my organs moving to make room?

Its scaring me a little because I thought with this being my second Id have a clear, definite bump by now (as most say you show sooner with each pregnancy). It makes me worry the baby's now growing.

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I'd say your bump looks about right for 11 weeks!

I seem to fluctuate a lot, especially first trimester when I had bloating on and off, some days I'd look huge and other days it would deflate back down. You have to remember baby is only just above the pubic bone, and still incredibly tiny, obviously your uterus is much larger than baby so you've got the cute lil bump going on.

I assure you, your bump will catch up. I'm on my second baby too, I'm 17 weeks now and I swear I look as big as I did at like 25 weeks pregnant some days! The last two weeks I feel a lot bigger all of a sudden! But baby is finally moving up much higher (they seem to like being super low down though)

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This being my sixth pregnancy, I can tell you that every pregnancy is different. Eight weeks here and not showing at all. Your uterus does not rise above the pubic bone until usually around 12 weeks. However, if your bladder is full you can feel it above the pubic bone, as the bladder is pushing it up.

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