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Intense cramping gone .. is this normal?

Morning ladies

I am cautiously 4 weeks and a teeny bit ( we think - I have pcos and have recently come off the pill at the beginning of the year so itís hard to tell )

For the last 3 days I have had really intense cramping on both sides of my lower stomach and across the bottom of it . Not to the extent to be severe but really strong - so much so that yesterday , even when I sneezed or stood up too quickly it felt like it really pulled my stomach ?? Iíve also been feeling nautious and exhausted

This morning how ever , Iíve woken up feeling not even the slightest bit different !!? Thereís no cramping or anything And I donít feel like I havenít slept properly ! I feel not pregnant? Is that normal ?

I did 6 tests over wedn3sday and Thursday last week including a clear blue that was at 1-2. . I then took another clear blue Friday evening that was at 2-3 ...

Is this normal for early pregnancy ? Iíve gone from feeling really rough and knowing something is up to not having anything at all. My boobs arenít even sore !!! The only feeling I have now is that wet feeling like af is coming , and quite a bit of watery discharge yesterday ....


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