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Proper scared

Hey ladies, so on Saturday when I woke up, my up to now severe preg sickness seemed to stop, I then had a bleed, Saturday lunch time quite a bit, bright red, and a large clot. I bled for about 10 mins and then nothing since. We went up to the hospital and waited for hours and hours, we decided to then pay for a private scan so left the hospital beforand seeing anyone.

The scan showed a heartbeat and a moving ďbabyĒ but my sickness symptoms are still almost completely gone. Iíve had MMC at 9 weeks previous. And my live birth pregnancies were severe MS until week 14-15.

Iím now worried that the scan was wrong, maybe it wasnít a heartbeat he thought he was showing us?? Could that be possible???

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Each pregnancy is a bit different. If your morning sickness is gone suddenly thats not necessarily a bad sign. It might come back or you might be lucky to not deal with anymore of it. Do you have other symptoms still going strong?

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Every pregnancy is definitely different! So far, my morning sickness with this (admittedly very early) pregnancy hasn't been nearly as bad as it was with DS. If the private scan confirmed a healthy, live baby in there, it's for real! I would schedule an appointment with your regular doctor or OB/Gyn as soon as possible, though, because they may want to run some blood tests to make sure that all of your hormone levels are where they need to be.

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No advice on the bleeding but my m/s had gone (or so iíd thought) for 5 days and itís hit me again this morning with advenjence

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